Indianapolis Crimson Knights

About US

​​The Indianapolis Crimson Knights partners with families to raise men of honor, discipline, and excellence. The organization was founded in 2010 as a venue for those who wanted to play football, but were not afforded the opportunity– students who were homeschooled, in private schools, or in charter schools which did not have a team. We now field a Middle School (grades 6-8), Varsity (grades 9-12), as well as a Cheer team from elementary through high school.

When you join the Indianapolis Crimson Knights, you will play on a team that boasts one of Indiana’s toughest Friday Night Lights schedules for an independent team against varsity opponents. You will play under the big lights all over the state of Indiana, with a few games in neighboring states. That’s what separates us from other independent teams in Indiana.


Statement of Purpose (from our bylaws):

The Crimson Knights is a Christian organization committed to following Jesus and the teaching about His life, death and resurrection. As well, we desire to model his life in the communities in which we live, work and play. While we do not require every player to be a Christian, it is our prayer that every player will become a follower of Jesus. The values of Christ will be foundational to what we do and the organization we are seeking to become.  We are a Christian organization whose central purpose is to promote and instill the Christian faith.  We hope that our organization reflects and promote our Christian faith in all that we do, from the values we instill in our players to the character we display at our games, to the decisions we make as a corporation.  While we will not insist that all of our participants share that faith, it is imperative that our personnel decisions preserve this Christian character of our organization.  As such, a public profession of the Christian faith and outwards exhibition of Christian character will be important considerations in all personnel decisions, even though they may not always be dispositive.

Football is a popular sport which provides valuable spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development to young male athletes.  It is typically provided through public and private schools, and is therefore not available to boys who are homeschooled or who attend schools that lack football programs.  This Christian group therefore exists to serve God and His people in the following ways:
          • Providing a Christian atmosphere where homeschooled boys and others can play competitive contact football and be encouraged and                        nourished in their faith.
          • Promoting homeschooling by providing an opportunity for homeschooled athletes to showcase their talent and sportsmanship.
          • As a mission outreach to players, spectators, and opponents.

The Indianapolis Crimson Knights Football, INC is a not for profit organization