Indianapolis Crimson Knights

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CK 2022 Fundraising

Offering All Season Long.


January 2023

Silent Auction during the Banquet. Be sure to check and bid throughout the banquet. At the closing of the banquet all money is due from the winners.

October 2022

Crew Car Wash

* Watch for tickets to come home to be sold

Family Meal Night: Chick Fill A

June 2022


Family Meal Night: Culvers

Check out the Knight table at each Home Game!! All proceeds go to the CK Team!

July 2022

CK Annual Bake Sale

​* Recruiting volunteer bakers

Family Meal Night: Sonic

August 2022

Penny Wars

Each Practice we will see how many Jars of pennies each team can collect! Cheerleaders vs Football players

Family Meal Night: Pizza/TBA

December 2022

Information Coming Soon

Family Meal Night: TBA

Novebmer 2022

​Information Coming Soon

Family Meal Night: TBA

May 2022

Sunflower Starts for Mother's Day! $2 each

*Mammoth Sunflower starts

*Can bring yours on a Saturday preseason practice.

Watch for information on Slack!

Family Meal Night: Starts in June

September 2022

Krispy Kreme

*Watch for order forms coming home!

Family Meal Night: Bubba's 33